Welcome our 2018-2020 Parara Leadership

Welcome and Thank YOU for Volunteering…great things are built by volunteers

As many of you know, this year was an election year, which is an important event for the community and for Parara. We would like to thank everyone who participated in the elections. In particular, thank you to members of the election committee for their hard work in ensuring a smooth and efficient electoral process.

As was decided by vote, here are the individuals who will be serving the community in the new Parara Office for 2018-2020.

New 2018-2020 Executive Office

1.President: Erminia Poni Jpnabio

  1. Vice President: Pellegrino Lako
  2. 3. Secretary General: Victor Mogga Pious
  3. Deputy Secretary General: Lado Pitia
  4. Secretary of Finance: Estarina Tongun
  5. Deputy Secretary of Finance: Michael Tartisio Gambi
  6. Assistant Secretary of Finance: Suzi Lado
  7. Secretary of Information: Lucy Doki Mogga
  8. Deputy Secretary of Information: Subek Besilde
  9. Secretary of Community Development: Albertina Albert & Parara women Group
  10. Secretary of Culture & Education: Sokiri Kose
  11. Secretary of Youth Affairs: Tombe Jurkin
  12. Deputy of Youth Affairs: Lazarus Donato


New 2018-2020 Board of Directors

  1. Chairman: Santo Jada
  2. Flora Juan
  3. George Nyagomg


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