Our History

Our History: Parara USA

“Parara” means “shining light” in Bari language, was founded in 2006 by a group of Bari members from across the USA who believed in the need for a community based organization to connect and help Bari communities in the USA.

Since our founding, we have held 9 annual conferences across the USA that connected and educated Bari people and delivered humanitarian services such as medical container to the people of South Sudan.

Today we continue to hold events and workshops that connect and help Bari people in diaspora. Recently we jump-started our scholarship program to assist youth with educational costs.


Parara USA History Timeline

2006: Parara USA was founded and the first conference “Momoret Na Bari- ya morja pele geleng yi a Bari” was held in Minnesota, USA

2010: 5th annual conference “Gwelingnit A Luba” was held in Manchester, NH

2013: Medical container and Radio equipment delivered to Juba, South Sudan

2014: Parara USA obtained federal tax-exempt 501(C) (3) status


Successful Momoret Conferences

Momoret year Location Momoret Theme
2018 San Diego, CA TBD
2017 Milwaukee, WI Bari ti Tokojuono
2016 Richmond, VA Bari ti Wudya
2015 Kansas City, KC Jubek, Bari Kuluya?
2014 Erie, PA Bari Juleta  Löri Ko RiŊit
2013 Des Moines, IA Bari Dek Nyo
2012 Rochester, MN Minya
2011 Nashville, TN Bari Moke ta Jur ko DÖyÖ
2010 Manchester, NH Gwelingnit A Luba
2009 Omaha, NB Bari ti Kora
2008 Houston, TX Miyajin Kang Ti Bari Kangu Ko Lukata na Jur
2007 Sioux Falls, SD Bari ta Kuluya
2006 Minneapolis, MN Ya a Morja Pele Geleng yi a Bari


Bari History and Culture

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