Thank you for Making Momoret 2015 (Kansas City) a Success

Thank you for Making Momoret 2015 (Kansas City) a Success

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Madang Keji Na Bari,

I hope you have made it home safely from Kansas City. It was indeed a great pleasure to see all of you during the conference the unity and love that all of you have shown was immensely great and we hope we continue to show that unity and love amongst ourselves.

On behalf of Parara executive office and the office of secretary general of Parara I would like to thank all of you for coming out to celebrate our 10th anniversary and for your generous contributions, I would also want to take a moment to extent my gratitude to the organizing committee in Kansas city specially ZAHRA, LAKU SAID, NALEKAE and MUSA for doing such an amazing job organizing the event. We all loved Friday night welcoming dinner and the Sunday dinner, we couldn’t have asked for better hospitality. You guys have shown all Bari people across the United States that numbers doesn’t matter in hosting Parara conference all it takes is a commitment.

I would also like to extend my warmest gratitude to Fr. Philip Pitia and Fr. Ambrose for giving us a great culturally centered liturgy with the focus on Parara, I would also want to extent special gratitude to ALFONS for pumping the choir up with those amazing songs, the energy was very alleviating. to a lot of people it ignited memories they have long missed.

Let me take this opportunity to apologize in advance for all the short comings over the weekend in particular timing issues we all know punctuality is not our very strong suite we hope to look back at the event and see where we can improve for better and more efficient ways to conduct the event in the next year. I would like to thank the Bari elders who participated this weekend we in the executive office appreciated all your unwavering support we are looking forward to your participation in the next conference in Virginia thank you all very much.





Special Thanks goes to all the organizers and contributors

1- Father Pitya-Speaker
2- Cosmas Kujjo-Speaker
3- Francis Limbe-Speaker
4- Father Ambrose-Sunday Mass
5- Alfonse Pitya-organizer
6- Zahara Yekisuk-host
7- Musa Jumma-host
8- Jada Lako Sayed-host
9- Anna Modi-host
10- Noel Lako and Doki Na Mogga-moderators
11- The music team (Malesh, Degol, Butrus, Suzie)
12- Nene Lako-Drama
13- The Camera team (Robert Swaka Lino, Loro Mogga)
14- The Momoret organizing committee
15- Everyone that participated and contributed (Thank you)


Momoret 2015 pict for website

Momoret 2015 for website 2

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